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Welcome to The Natural Vet featuring natural solutions formulated by Dr. Dan Moore for the challenges facing folks and their families, including families blessed with cats, dogs and horses (and others).

Known throughout as the "The Natural Vet", "Natural Horse Vet", "Natural Pet Vet" or simply "Dr. Dan" by most; The Natural Vet provides solutions within the following product categories:

The Natural Horse Vet (Natural Horse Supplements),
The Natural Pet Vet (Natural Pet Supplements),
Nature For Life and Great Shakes USA (Natural People Supplements).

Dr. Dan's "Feed For Success" program is a regimen benefiting horses around the world. The award-winning BUG CHECK (Equitana 2001) has provided a wide range ofeconomical benefits to tens of thousands of horses across the world for over a decade. BUG CHECK, as is many of our products, is also available in a version specifically for pets. Together, our horse and pet products are enjoyed by thousands of caregivers that want to see their animals naturally happy and healthy.

Our flagship people product, REDOXX, is multi-beneficial and a product that not one person should be without. REDOXX is just one of the people products and formulations available from Dr. Dan. Each are unique and can provide natural support and benefits that simply can't be matched.

Our Rewards Program not only will allow you bank product rewards that you can use to get free products, but it will also reward you for doing something you naturally do everyday anyway... simply telling others about something you like! Combine the program with our new Gift Registry and you have another exciting way to help others and be helped. This is especially great for clubs, rescues and other special events and fundraisers.

We know you will find that together, our solutions provide the support needed today for people, pets and horses and will do so naturally!

"My mission in life has simply been to provide natural solutions that work and work for all!

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I have to write to say how pleased I am with all of your products.

This past weekend my 16 year old Arabian gelding won Reserve Champion at a 2-day 50 mile Competitive Trail Ride in Pennsylvania.

I started him one year ago on your feeding program of High Mag Red Cal, Weight Check Oil, Just Add Oats, Joint Check, Hoof Check and Bug Check along with hay, oats and pasture. At the vet holds I gave him Red Cal and Hydraid with his oats. In spite of the high heat and humidity, his pulse and respiration recoveries were the lowest they've ever been in 10 years of competing with this horse.

I was also thrilled with how calm and focused he was on the trail. With so many conflicting recommendations for the best feeding program for endurance and competitive trail horses, I can honestly tell other riders yours is the best I've ever tried in 30 years of owning and competing horses.

Just had to say thank you for your healthy products,
Hi Dr. Dan, Just thought you would like an update on my little girl Megan..after only 4 months her thyroid levels are in normal ranges. She loves her whole oats with Weight Check Oil and Just for Oats diet! I saw positive attitude and activity results in just weeks but the truth was in her blood work. I do believe your supplements and especially your Critical Care product have saved her life. We've gotten back in the showpen and she's so willing and happy and responsive.

It's been an amazing change of so many things with her prior condition. Please pass me along if anyone is having doubt about making these changes to diet and such. I followed your every direction and I'm so glad I listened to your advice and challenged the norm... And you know what? As pricey as the changes seemed in the beginning (as you know I went full boat!), it was far cheaper than vet bills and prescription fees and the risks with the usual medications.

Thank you Dr. Dan!
Brenda K.

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