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"The Natural Vet"  is your source for that all is good, safe and natural!

The Natural Vet consists of the following product categories: The Natural Horse Vet, The Natural Pet Vet, Nature For Life and Great Shakes USA!

The Natural Vet companies were founded by Dr. Dan Moore, known throughout as the "The Natural Vet", "Natural Horse Vet", "Natural Pet Vet" or simply "Dr. Dan" by most.

Dr. Dan has appeared on several media outlets and at hundreds of live expos and events. In fact, The Library contains many of the audio/video recordings from these appearances.

Dr. Dan graduated from Auburn University's School Of Veterinary Medicine and has formulated and marketed natural products for people, pets and horses for over two decades and has done business on the internet since 2001 providing products and as one of the first to offer question/answer services as a "virtual" vet.

For years Dr. Dan owned and operated a chain of veterinarian clinics, but in 1995 a series of events in his life left him searching for answers to questions about traditional medicinal practices.

It was at this time that he engulfed himself into books and other studies to learn more about available natural or "holistic" approaches to use when treating animals- most often horses, dogs and cats. Those countless hours of studies would help to formulate his knowledge of, and his viewpoint about, the state of health not only in regards to horses and pets, but people as well.

Besides connecting through this website, we would be pleased to have you use any of the social network links listed, as well as joining our email communications group to further connect with Dr. Dan and The Natural Vet companies.

You can also be assured that when ordering online or offline, your personal information is safe and secure. We are partnered with technology companies that use current and secure processing platforms.

We are confident that "The Natural Vet"  can be your source for all that is good and natural. We appreciate your visit today.

It was Thomas Edison that said, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
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If you need to contact us:
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Finally Something That Works
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