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Worm Check Exam

January 1, 2016 Instructions:

Order below just as you would any of our products.

Collect about a tablespoon full of horse's manure and place in a plastic baggy- if more than one horse, be sure to label each baggy with horse's name, place in envelope along with name, address and available email address.

Please enclose a copy of your original email invoice or invoice printed from your "My Account" dashboard (after login)

*Mail all to:

The Natural Horse Vet
P. O. Box 429
Unicoi, Tn. 37692.

Once received they are processed within 72 hours (3 business days) and results will be emailed to the email address you provide with sample. Email is the preferred method of delivering results of the exam. If an email address is not provided, your results will be mailed back to you. There is no need to use any expedited forms of mailing the samples— standard UPS is all that is needed.

Any further questions, please call customer service at 877-873-8838

Be sure to visit Dr. Dan's companion blog/site at WormCheck.com for his information and "all things" about natural deworming.

Thank You!
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