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• Grape Balm Hoof Support

Our Grape Balm Hoof Support product is an all-natural alternative to the hoof products that contains harmful chemicals.

Almost every other hoof product on the market contains petroleum, turpentine or acetone and some even formaldehyde. Wouldn’t an all-natural alternative make more sense – especially if it really works? What about if it re-moisturizes a hoof in one or two treatments and keeps them that way by using only once or twice a week?

Well here it is and even packaged in an easy to use brush jar!

Because this product is more like a gel in consistency it doesn’t leave tracks in the barn either. Also it won’t freeze and it doesn’t get thin in the summer. It does smell a little, but this is better than smelling acetone or formaldehyde and it is sure much better for your lungs! It is also great for nail hole dressing.

"Naturally, our Grape Balm Hoof Support makes sense!"
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