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Blog/Audio: White Line, Thrush, Hoof Care and Nutrition

Posted by Dr. Dan on 7/16/2019 to Feeding Program
NaturalVet · White Line, Thrush, Hoof Care and Nutrition | Dr. Dan Moore, The Natural Vet

What To Feed Your Horse

Posted by Dr. Dan Moore, The Natural Vet on 6/25/2019 to Feeding Program
What To Feed Your Horse
Determining "what's in your feed bag" should be a top priority. 

All too often, we simply just look at the name of the manufacturer or look at the protein content. 

And quite honestly, those should be the least of your concerns when it comes to determining what to feed your horse. 

Knowing What's NOT in the bag is equally important... Least cost analysis is often used to formulate feed. Feeding from just the bag, quite honestly, you can't get what you need anyway, if it's a so called complete feed. If you look at the bag, it'll tell you how many pounds a certain weight horse should get fed every day.

Nature’s Ancient Salt…. Backbone of Civilization And The Backbone of Health

Posted by Dr. Dan on 3/20/2015 to Feeding Program
Nature’s Ancient Salt…. Backbone of Civilization And The Backbone of Health
Are salt blocks or salt rocks killing your horses, cows, alpacas and more? Heck, is your salt shaker killing you? In my opinion the answer is a definite yes, but you will be surprised why! If you‘ve never read another article on health, I suggest you read this… It’s not about how salt is hurting you, but rather how you and your animals are getting too little salt and especially the WRONG KIND of salt.

For The Health Of Horses Feed Oats

Posted by Dr. Dan on 3/14/2012 to Feeding Program
For The Health Of Horses Feed Oats
(But That's Not All!)

Has anyone ever been told to NOT feed oats? And if so, has the same person ever offered any reason other than that oats are carbs and may make your horse “hot”?

Probably not!

So let me preface this article by saying that, personally, I have suggested oats to thousands upon thousands of horse owners (as have many other nutrition minded educators) and not once can I remember those to whom I suggested such not loving the results. Oats work - despite the rumors!

But let’s look more closely at why, and also look at why other feeds may NOT be so great. And let’s take a close look at why these commercial feeds may actually be directly related to, and in my opinion the very cause of many of our overweight, cresty necked, insulin resistant, allergic and laminitis prone horses today. 

In addition, we’ll consider why the idea of supplementing either commercial or individual grains, oats or otherwise, with vitamins, minerals, microbials, etc. is critical as well.

So what is bad about oats?

Oats like ALL grains are mineral and vitamin deficient. Horses simply can’t get the overall nutrition that they need from any grain UNLESS they are fortified. Oats, corn, barley, etc., etc. are all are deficient. Today, what farmers essentially use to fertilize is chemical fertilizer. The 10-10-10’s or 2010-10’s are only nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus: 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorous, 10% potassium. What happened to all the other minerals on the periodic chart that we learned about in high school? To make matters worse, these fertilizers are salt based. Salt destroys the soil over time and makes it very packed, claylike and sticky – AND in doing so kills the earthworms, the soil’s true method for oxygenation.

The Health And Harm Of Fats...

Posted by Dr. Dan on 3/14/2012 to Feeding Program
The Health And Harm Of Fats...
Truly Your Best Friends AND Worst Enemies!

One of the most misunderstood yet most important aspects of health, is Fat! Quite honestly, many health care practitioners don’t even understand just how important fats are. 

For instance, would you agree that most people have and ARE being told daily that fats are bad for you? Most doctors, the media, the advertisements and pretty much ALL, suggest a low fat diet. 

I am here to tell you, in my not so humble opinion, that NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH! Fats are critical to your health and your animal’s health. You need them and you need lots of them, you just need the right kinds!

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