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For people, pets and horses... nutrition and preventative health care has never been more important than it is today. There is a battle going on inside our bodies everyday and taking a naturally pro-active stand with a sound daily regimen is the best defense in the war of wellness versus sickness. Thank you for choosing our natural solutions! "Being Pro-Active Means Being Ready Ahead Of Time!"
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  • • RED CAL • RED CAL "Grow" Formula
    Easy To Provide: Top Dress or Free-Choice! Nature's Salt, Minerals, Electrolytes and More (To Grow)... "Mother Nature's" finest gift to man, Red Cal offers pristine sea salt, herbs, clacium, magnesium and other minerals plus perhaps even other micronutrients not yet discovered, And since it comes from a desert that millions of years ago used to be the ocean, the micronutrients are naturally "chelated". Vitamin-Mineral & Probiotic Supplement PLUS: Loaded with all the ingredients to grow beautiful hooves, manes & tails and fleece and fiber too! (Biotin, Lysine and Methionine (Amino Acids) 4 LBS. Supplies 8 animals for 30 days at 1/4 oz. per day. 22.5 LBS. supplies 8 animals for 180 days at 1/4 oz. per day.