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How To Submit A Product Review


During the current promotion, for each review that is presented for each product you will receive an entry into our "Rewards For Reviews" promotion. Each month's winners will receive a bonus of 25 Reward Points ($25 value) added onto their existing Rewards points total.

More Details...

Upon each submission, we receive an email notification. Your review will the be presented for approval to ensure information is complete and correct. (no fake names/emails etc.) During the course of the month, the reviews will be accumulated then random reviews will be selected as winners. Be sure to use correct information that matches your customer account for proper verification.

Reward points will be combined with any current Personal and Referral (if applicable) Rewards and be used for future order discounts or free product. If you've not started to grow reward points and not familiar with our new rewards program and would like to learn more, click here.

Click the video player below to start a short video that shows how to easily submit your product review and become eligible for the current promotion.

You can submit reviews for multiple product listings, but submit only one review per product listing and in the process please fill out the form completely before submitting. We want to thank you in advance for your reviews and as always... Thank You for choosing The Natural Vet!

Once submitted and approved, your review will show like this:

Remember, you can review multiple products, but submit only one review per product and fill out the form completely.

Thank You!

Thank You For Sharing Your Product Reviews!

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