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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us

For the Internet, and this website, to work we have to know some information about you. We aren't selling your data or anything like that. We're just trying to give you the best experience possible.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies in order to bring you the products you love. Cookies allow us to:

  • Process your orders
  • Give you your very own user account
  • Find ways to improve your browsing experience
  • Show you products that interest you, and hide those that you don't care about

Without cookies the Internet would be unusable. Our site is no exception. Without cookies, accounts, shopping carts, and any sort of purchasing are impossible.

What information we gather and why

We use Google Analytics and other analytics systems to help insure you have the best browsing experience possible. This ties in with our and our partner's systems to show you products that interest you, and keep things you don't care about out of sight.1 We DO NOT send Google any information that would allow them to personally identify you as an individual. If you want to opt out of a richer and more fulfilling browsing experience, you can do so here.

We can do this by examining what is known as demographic information. This information (age range, city, interests, amount spent, etc...) is not, and will not be used to identify you. We also look at which pages you spend the most time on, so we can give extra care to them. We also keep track of how you browse the website, and how much you spend. This helps us to identify potential problem areas and make your shopping experience as seamless as possible. For example, this lets us see if people are adding things to their cart via smart-phone, but using their desktop to check out. In that case we would work on making mobile checkout even more seamless, so you do not have to take that extra step.

Personally Identifiable Information

In certain circumstances we will ask you for more information than we automatically gather. For example, we need your name and address to process your order. We also have to have your E-Mail address if you want to receive our newsletter. We DO NOT sell your information to anyone. As a part of normal business we may share it with our partners solely for the purpose of doing something for you. It would be pretty hard for UPS to deliver your package without knowing your address after all.

While we offer the option to save your credit card information, we do not have or allow access to your stored card number for any reason. Our payment processor keeps your card information safe and secure, while still letting you use it with ease.

3rd Party Websites

Sometimes a link will lead you to another website. We have no control over that site, and they will have a different privacy policy than this one. We can't make any guarantees about what they collect, or what they do with that information. We take no responsibility for the actions of third parties.

  1. Google calls this Advertising and Remarketing. 

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