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Rewards Program

It is rewarding for us to serve you and enjoy having our Rewards Program as one of the ways we can give back to the horse and pet community. The program has in effect, provided tens of thousands of dollars worth of free product to horses and pets for several years.

We know our program to be "unique" and it is that uniqueness that affords you flexibility in what you can do with them.

1. The first element of the program is the Personal Rewards available to you. Each time you purchase products, we reward you with Rewards Points that amount to 5% of each product value.

Your Rewards Points can be redeemed at anytime for an online Reward/eGift Code and can be redeemed at $5.00 increments or can be accumulated for greater enjoyment. By allowing you to redeem your rewards for a "code" in as small amount of $5.00 it allows you to realize almost immediate savings rather than requiring you to wait until you have a larger amount accumulated. Even then, you are allowed to use towards ANY product and not just an eligible list.

Another benefit of programming our Rewards system our way is that it makes it possible for others to easily "gift" their own rewards to their favorite rescue, club or other charitable organizations connected to horses and pets.

It is that extra step to acquire a unique Rewards Code/eGift Card Code when redeeming points that makes this flexibility possible and hundreds of customers enjoy these benefits each and every month.

You see, from the time you begin to place the order, the unique programming starts working through the process of creating the points and banking them into your account.

A rewards confirmation email arrives almost immediately after each order is placed and confirmed. That email not only lets you know instantly the reward points earned, but also the balance of reward points now accumulated in your account and ready for use on a future order.

2. The second element of the rewards program is what we call the Affiliate Partner Referral Rewards. The optional program provides a way for you to earn reward points when you refer new customers that purchase products for the first-time and continue to purchase products!

If you have not down so yet, first create your "shopping" account here to be ensured that you are fully connected to The Natural Vet.

Go here to create your "Partner" account for referral rewards.

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