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Animals Don't Lie

Posted by Dr. Dan on 10/27/2021 to Dr. Dan Moore Audio Files
Animals Don't Lie
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What if a very simple addition to your diet could add years to your life? What if this same addition to your diet could tremendously help, perhaps even eliminate, pain, such as that caused by arthritis or lupus or perhaps even fibromyalgia?

What if your allergies could be helped, perhaps even eliminated? How about possibly prevent or even reverse cancer? And what about diabetes and heart disease? What if you could better oxygenate your cells? Would you not be healthier?

Heck, if you were a racehorse, you’d probably win that race if you had more oxygen in your cells, wouldn’t you? Are there any athletes out there? How about any performance horse owners?

I think everybody wants to feel better, don’t you? Folks, we’ve got something here that can help each and every one of us do just that and help our animals. It is a real pleasure to be here today, and I promise you, these few minutes you spend with me can change your life. If you’ll share this knowledge with others, we can stop the suffering for all species.

One thing I’ve learned from being a veterinarian is that animals just don’t lie. Almost any medical problem in animals can be fixed by correcting nutritional imbalances, especially those of vitamins and minerals. For instance, allergies and arthritis are common in horses. Many, many times, by diet alone, I’ve been able to correct these problems.

Animals just don’t lie.

They either get better or they don’t. They don’t second-guess, try to make themselves right, others wrong. They just do and are what they are.

Now, one thing I “are” not is a public speaker. I am a veterinarian, and I’m used to talking to the animals more than people, so if I start to stammer, somebody just moo or nicker or something, okay?

But folks, we do have a problem in America. We have the perceived greatest healthcare system in the world, but Americans are still dying, and worse yet, they’re living sicker. According to a World Health Report, year 2000, we rank 29th among nations for life expectancy.

That’s not a pleasant thought, I know.

But quite honestly, your health is in your hands, not the healthcare system in this country, nor the doctor’s. At least, I hope you take it into your hands, because what the current system is doing is just not working. Heaven forbid, should I have a heart attack or break a bone, get me to a doctor. But to stay healthy, get me to someone who knows something about nutrition.

Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research has been quoted as saying that if doctors of today do not become the nutritionists of tomorrow, then the nutritionists of today will become the doctors of tomorrow. Let me repeat that: If the doctors of today do not become the nutritionists of tomorrow, then the nutritionists of today will become the doctors of tomorrow. The sirens are wailing, ladies and gentlemen. Like an ambulance siren, they’re calling us. Americans need help, and it is up to us.

Joseph A. Califano, who’s the former Secretary of Health Education and Welfare, said that each of us can do more for our own health than any hospital, any machine, or any drug. It’s up to us. It is literally up to us to change things. My mission is to find alternatives to drugs and chemicals for people, pets, and horses, and my mission today is to help you.

The concept is simple. Provide what your body needs to stay healthy and get healthy and do nothing to interfere. Did you get that last part? Do nothing to interfere, and your body will heal itself.

I used to practice conventional medicine – the kind most people are aware of: your typical vaccinations, antibiotics, steroids, cut it out with surgery type practice. In fact, I owned two hospitals with 4 veterinarians, 18 staff members. Today, I don’t use any medications. Absolutely no steroids, and I’m so against vaccinations that if I had to vaccinate my children, I would fight it all the way to the Supreme Court. And I used to make my living doing this to animals, heaven forbid.

I know this is controversial, and you may not agree. I understand. I certainly don’t want to cram my ideas down your throat. But if you wish to contact me about this, please feel free to do so. I’ve discovered over 100 years’ worth of scientific studies that have convinced me that vaccinations are causing more harm than good.

As an example, just personal experience. We’ve got about 20 Rocky Mountain horses that are constantly being exposed to everything. Today, these horses are vaccine-free – even drug- and chemical-free, for that matter – and they have been for years. And you know what? They don’t get sick anymore since we stopped vaccinating. We don’t lose foals anymore from diseases like rhino or flu like we used to when we were vaccinating. We used to vaccinate religiously, every few months, it seemed, for everything – and they got sick. We’d go to a show, they’d come back, they’d develop rhinopneumonitis, and the mares would abort, even. This happened over and over. We have a show horse that actually came down with strangles after the strangles vaccine and became very sick afterwards and was no longer functional as a show horse. It’s amazing, the problems.

It’s actually been proven scientifically that coming down with the measles as a child is important to a properly developing immune system. That’s amazing. Do you know that there was a Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund established by Congress in 1986 for vaccine injury victims? How many saw the article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Are Annual Shots Overkill”? What a title. Most leading veterinary biologists now question the need for annual vaccinations, and some are even questioning the benefit at all. Vaccines interfere, ladies and gentlemen. And now a super shot for babies is being proposed. Please don’t let this happen.

I’d be happy to share with you what I’ve learned to make me change my mind. Feel free to call me. It’s truly amazing that if you give the body what it needs and don’t interfere, the body will stay healthier. And if it’s already sick, it will get better. You must understand that man doesn’t heal anything – just doesn’t heal anything. Usually just causes more problems than good. Healing is either done from within or above, period. We can only provide the nutrition and perhaps trigger the body to heal itself.

Most of your alternative type modalities do just this. They trigger the body to stimulate healing, and except for emergency situations, most everything else we do is interfering. Have you noticed how many pills and medications most people take today? Am I just seeing things, or is there a new drugstore on every corner? Gosh, there are more drugstores than churches anymore. You just can’t tell me all this medication is good for people. Something is wrong. Americans are dying, and at the very least are sicker.

Are you aware that more people die in hospitals by mistakes than they do from gunshots? My gosh, perhaps we should outlaw the doctors instead of guns. Americans will get better then, perhaps. Forgive me there, but I had to say that.

Dr. Mendelsohn has written a bunch of articles, but one of his articles is titled “Staying Healthy in Spite of Your Doctor.” He says that whenever doctors stop working, the mortality rates drop. When doctors stop working, people stop dying, is what he’s saying. And he has statistics to prove it. For instance, in a doctor strike in LA, the mortality rate dropped 17%. During an 85-day strike in Israel, the mortality rate dropped 50%. This concerned the morticians so much that they ran a study of their own and found that the last time the mortality rate dropped so much was 20 years earlier, during the time of the last doctor strike.

Believe me, at one time I was so skeptical, folks. I wouldn’t be caught dead saying what I am right now. I used to think all diseases could be prevented through vaccinations. I thought chiropractic was quackery and had no clue even what alternative therapies were. I even used to think that everything we needed nutritionally could be provided through the food.

I’d like to pass on some information that I got from a book called Health Field Project Report, written by a guy named Bob Musak. He’s a well-learned individual on minerals. He says the reason is all simply explained just by the definition of what doctors really are. He says medical doctors, including psychiatrists, are trained in a principle today called allopathy. Most people are familiar with terms like osteopath, homeopath, naturopath, but when surveyed, 99% of the people had not heard of allopathy and did not know that an MD was an allopath.

Follow this carefully here. American Heritage Dictionary defines allopathy as “a therapy with remedies that produce effects differing from those of the disease treated.” Let me repeat that again: “a therapy with remedies that produce effects differing from those of the disease treated.” Notice that it does not say anything about curing or healing the disease, does it? Not at all. Nor does it say anything about restoring the afflicted/diseased to its original healthy condition. All it states is that allopathy produces effects that are different from those of the disease being treated.

He shares this example with an ordinary drinking straw. Basically, we have a straw, we bend it in half, and now it’s a diseased straw. It’s not going to work too good as a straw, is it? Because it’s bent in half. It’s diseased. Now let’s apply a little allopathy to it. Remember, we have to produce effects that are different from the disease we created a few minutes ago. Let’s put a bend in it about an inch from one end. Have we produced an effect that is different from the original disease? Sure. Another bend different from the actual disease. Did we heal or cure the original disease? No, not at all.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what drugs do. All of them, without exception. They produce effects that are just different from the disease itself – usually side effects. And all these side effects are listed in the PDR, Physicians Desk Reference. I think it should be called Patients Desk Reference because it is the patients that should be reading them. If the patients did, they surely wouldn’t be taking the drugs to begin with.

Also, unfortunately, these effects are cumulative. Now, don’t get me wrong; sometimes the body appears to get better because the body does fight back. But almost without exception, the body eventually loses. It just keeps trading one set of symptoms for others, and eventually it gives up, develops cancer or some chronic degenerative disease, or even dies.

So we have a drugged society, probably more so with doctors’ medications than by street drugs. Why else are Americans dying and so sick? Since I probably already have you so upset with me you can’t stand it, especially if you’re a doctor – and by the way, most doctors truly believe they’re healing and are so sincere; they just don’t understand. All they know is what they were taught. I know. I used to think that our medical system was the best, period. Anything else, I just blocked out.

As long as the old guard is present, though, and drug companies control our news media, our government, our medical schools, and continue to even educate our children with their psychiatry – they no longer know right from wrong, lack of morals, etc. – very little headway is going to be made out there unless we do it. And I assure you, with nearly 30% of our children on Ritalin today and millions of dollars being milked from Congress for social reform, for example, the old guard is very protective about having their bubble burst.

It doesn’t just stop with medicine today, though. Let me ask you another question, now that I have you so mad at me anyway. Have you ever considered or possibly wondered why most fruits, vegetables, and meats you buy today may look good, but have little or no flavor? And they certainly don’t have much nutritional value. Why? The foods we eat are dead. And I don’t just mean dead steaks on the table, either. Our agricultural practices are just as bad as our medical.

“Okay, here he goes again,” some of you are thinking. “Who cares about agriculture? It’s the furthest thing from my mind.” I know fertilizers and farming practices may not be so important to most people today, perhaps, but perhaps this might interest you: I doubt if you’re aware of this, but there’s a hole in the Gulf of Mexico. I mean a hole where nothing lives. Not any fish, nothing. This hole at the base of the Mississippi is the size of the state of Massachusetts and Rhode Island together. The cause is fertilizer runoff from our fields, nitrogen and phosphorus. Those of you that have fish aquariums know what I mean. With nitrate poisoning, they all die. The nitrates choke out the oxygen by allowing algae to grow and so on.

What I’m saying here about agriculture is perhaps against the grain of most and certainly not politically correct, but again, we have a problem. Yes, Houston, we have a problem. Since World War II, American farmers have increased their use of agricultural pesticides tenfold to about 1 billion pounds, yet crop loss due to agricultural pests have doubled. Soil erosion is occurring at 20 times faster than it can be replenished naturally. It’s even eroding faster than during the Dust Bowl.

More than 50% of our groundwaters have been contaminated, some beyond use, with agricultural poisonous fertilizers and pesticides. Who would have ever thought that we would pay for bottled water, much less more than a dollar for a pint? I dare say very few of you ever drink at water fountains anymore, right? You’d rather pay the dollar for a bottle of water. Am I right or wrong, folks?

Pesticides, resistant weeds, disease and insects, they’re worse than ever, and they’re increasing in number. And more importantly, perhaps, the farm population is declining and aging. Farmers are going broke because they have no clue how to farm without the use of expensive chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. All the while, special interest groups and petrochemical exploding giants are getting richer.

“Okay, okay, enough with the problems. Give us the answer.” The answer is, wake up, America. Take off your blinders. See for yourself. Stop taking the media news as fact. Get the truth, or at least what’s true for you. Truth for me is that if we don’t change something, the consequences are grim.

There are many pioneers out there who have come before us – those who were willing to look first with open minds, see for themselves the truth, and then tell others about it. For example, people like Bruno, who centuries ago suggested the Earth revolved around the Sun and was put to death for it, and Galileo, who almost was for suggesting the same thing.

In more recent times, Dr. Albrecht from the University of Missouri, who for 40 years was the Head of the Soils Department, wouldn’t take a dime from fertilizer and chemical companies and was fired after 40 years because of it, and also because he proclaimed the greatest element our soil needed was just calcium, not expensive fertilizers and chemicals. This was way back in 1959. And Dr. Tegens [sp], who was basically run off from Rutgers University for the very same reasons.

And how about Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, and later Semmelweis, who was run out of his homeland for suggesting, and then actually proving later, that doctors should simply wash their equipment and hands between patients? Some 50 years later, it took Lister and Pasteur finding the truth about germs under the microscope to finally convince the medical field. These, my friends, were pioneers. Pioneers with a cause, willing to step up to the plate and proclaim the truth. Some won, some lost with their lives.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe the future of our nation is in our hands. A strong nation is a healthy nation. The best defense against terrorism is healthy citizens, and it’s up to us to spread the word about that. Our health, your health, simply can’t be left to the medical profession and their ivory tower universities. I’ve traveled that route with my father, who at the age of 56 finally succumbed to the injustice of several of the best medical schools in the country. Had I only known then that nutrition, not drugs and steroids, was the answer, my mother, now 14 years later, might not be alone.

Why had I not taken my medical school education blinders off and considered that there just might be alternatives? Had I known then that perhaps a few simple minerals may have made the difference. Had I known then that out of some 400 or so medical schools in this country, only about 60 teach anything about minerals or nutrition – and then only for a few hours. Perhaps many of my patients as a veterinarian would still be here, had I not thought that pet food already contained everything they needed, just because the authorities, or should I say the old guard, said it was so.

I guess all happens for a reason, though, and I believe my reason was this: to stand on a mountaintop and shout about what is true to me. The simple truth is this: With the right nutrition, almost anything can be fixed, and without the right nutrition, nothing can, short of miracles by God himself. It has to start with the food. But in the meantime, until we get our food chain back to healthy again, unfortunately we must supplement our nutrition.

As Hamaker and Weaver in Survival of Civilization explain, “Civilization has been brought to the verge of extinction with virtually no knowledge of how to avoid it. The quality, health, vigor, intelligence, longevity, etc. of all living things depends on the protoplasm of life in the soil, and that depends on the availability of elements in the soil. As the various elements required by enzymes disappear from the soil, various body functions must inevitably fail, so that disease and malnutrition become the norm rather than the exception.”

Makes a clear picture of why all living things on Earth have been slowly starving to death, doesn’t it? This book is the result of a 40-year study of the specific effects of demineralization of the planet’s soils and forests.

Good nutrition absolutely must start with minerals. Dr. Charles Northern, MD, researcher, reports that in the absence of minerals, vitamins even have no function. Lacking vitamins, the system can make use of the minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless. And as Linda Clark, a well-known nutritionist, says, vitamins are important and play their part, but the minerals liberate the vitamins to do their work.

Yet as important as minerals are, they’re often overlooked and their value underestimated – especially trace minerals. “The simple term ‘trace mineral’ seems to indicate a matter of slight importance,” says Dr. J. I. Rodale, famous nutritionist and founder of Prevention Magazine, “and nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the state of one’s health is directly proportional to the adequacy of mineral intake.”

My friends, animals prove it. Offer horses and cattle minerals, free choice, and not only will most diseases be cured, but milk production doubles, foaling problems virtually go away, and problems like Kentucky had a few years ago with mares losing their fetuses virtually stop overnight. This I fortunately discovered firsthand with discussions from another pioneer – one of Kentucky’s leading veterinary pathologists, Dr. Tom Swerczek, who also inspired me to get on my soapbox here.

Please understand, folks, I don’t blame doctors. I don’t blame our agriculturalists. Friends, they only know what they’ve been taught, and ivory tower professors and the textbooks they write are sometimes as slow as glaciers in considering and accepting facts that contradict their beliefs, to quote another fellow pioneer, Thomas O’Meara. Right now today, almost all medical and agricultural problems can be fixed by minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, and especially calcium.

The golden nugget of today is calcium. It is the most important mineral of all. Farmers should add it to their fields and feed it to their livestock. People should add it to their own diets and their pet’s diet. When calcium is corrected, the rest of the minerals will essentially correct themselves. Our souls and our bodies are so deficient. The benefits of calcium have been known for nearly a century. Why doctors are not shouting from the rooftops, heaven only knows. Calcium is involved in virtually everything the body does. It’s required for bone and teeth formation and maintenance. It makes our muscles work, our nerves fire. It regulates our heartbeat and strengthens the heart muscles. It’s involved in hormone production and obviously milk production. It’s so important that if our dietary calcium is low, our bodies will actually take calcium and other minerals right out of the bones and teeth to fix the problem.

Our bodies are miraculous machines, but just like a car won’t run without gas, neither will our bodies run without minerals. For instance, the single biggest fear, and with death often imminent in hospital emergency rooms, is to have a patient presenting with electrolytes that are out of balance – or should I say, minerals that suddenly go out of balance. For those that have horses, you know what I mean if you’ve ever had a horse “tie up.” They will stop right in their tracks, won’t they? Absolutely. Their muscles just stop working. They stop going and die if it’s not corrected. Every function in the body is regulated by minerals.

Not all doctors agree on this. Some say that the body regulates itself, and it does. But it can’t regulate anything if it doesn’t have the regulators – the fuel, in other words. It just dies. Does this make sense? The fuel and the regulators are the minerals. Even those micronutrient trace minerals.

We’re recording this today, folks. I’m recruiting people to help me with this crusade to get the health back in America, to once again make us strong, to be the bread basket of the world again with healthy foods and healthy citizens. For horses, I know our free choice Red Cal product works. It’s ideal for getting the minerals back in the system. With a lot of help from others in the know, we’ve chosen natural ingredients that are already balanced to make these products. We chose natural ingredients such as the micronutrients from sea salts and calcium from available sources, and then added a few other herbs that’ll even help your horses and pets stay parasite-free and boost their immune system at the same time.

With all the vaccinations, chemicals, drugs, and so on that our horses and pets get today, their bodies are seriously weakened. Our bodies are seriously weakened. But you’ll notice that especially with horses, when you give them this Red Cal free choice, they usually eat a lot at first to get their bodies balanced, and then back off to maintain their intake at just what they need. They only eat what they need. I always did think they were smarter than us. Maybe they just don’t watch so much TV. Watch them get better, though. Watch your family get better with the right supplements. Watch your pets get better.

We’re trying desperately to get the message out here, folks, to make the world a happier, healthier place. If you happen to be a farmer, call me about alternatives to these traditional fertilizers. I have over 50 years of research from various individuals that will blow your mind. Everyone, please stop drinking these soft drinks. Eat organic foods, or at least food grown by some other method than those grown with chemical fertilizers.

And most importantly, for now anyway, see if you can benefit from supplements. I know the thing I hate to do is to take pills, or even liquids for that matter, as supplements. I hate them. But doggone it, our society needs help until we can get the food and healthcare back to what it should be. If you need them, take them. I believe – no, I know – that just this little information alone will save millions from suffering.

Pioneers did find the gold, and I pray that your gold is helping!
—Dr. Dan

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