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Ancient Nature’s Salt …. Backbone of Civilization? The Backbone of Health

Posted by Dr. Dan on 3/20/2015
Are salt blocks or salt rocks killing your horses, cows, alpacas and more? Heck, is your salt shaker killing you? In my opinion the answer is a definite yes, but you will be surprised why! If you‘ve never read another article on health, I suggest you read this… It’s not about how salt is hurting you, but rather how you and your animals are getting too little salt and especially the WRONG KIND of salt.

Little Bugs ---- The Next Big Thing!

Posted by Dr. Dan Moore on 8/19/2014
Little Bugs, Big Bugs, lots of bugs are the next big thing! I am not talking about spiders, ants or even bed bugs – though the later has certainly been in the news and according to experts are more likely than not to be around for a long time in the future. Viral flu or cold bugs are NOT the topic either…. But I promise there are millions upon millions of the culprits in the body and some experts say trillions.

Little Bugs, Big Bugs... Lots of Bugs are the next BIG thing!

Posted by Dr. Dan Moore, The Natural Vet on 8/8/2014
I am not talking about spiders, ants or even bed bugs – though the later has certainly been in the news. Viral flu or cold bugs are NOT the topic either…. But I promise there are millions upon millions of the culprits in the body and some experts say trillions. In fact, there are 100 times more of these bugs in the body than all the TOTAL number of cells in the human body. Other animals such as dogs, cats, horses and cows have them too.

Winter Woes

Posted by Dr. Dan on 12/5/2013
The answer to winter woes is easy… simply move south! It worked for me, believe it or not - as a child I used to live in New Jersey! My southern accent now assures those who hear it that times have changed! Honestly, times (i.e. the weather) have changed for the north as well. It just doesn’t seem as wintry anymore. Of course, my friends in Vermont would disagree! Around the beginning of January the temperature is about 35 degrees below. I honestly can’t imagine such temperatures, but the natives tolerate it well, and so do their many gaited Mountain Horses.

Why RED CAL Works!

Posted by Dr. Dan, T.W. Swerczek, DVM, PhD. on 10/19/2013
Until the minerals are balanced nothing else matters...
I've been saying this for years!

Salt and mineral blocks definitely, and even typical commercial feeds our horses get today, simply won’t provide the vitamins, minerals etc. needed

Grape Power!

Posted by Dr. Dan, The Natural Vet on 10/9/2012
Until recently most doctors and even today many veterinarians simply don't believe that the medicines used by native American medicine men, our great-grandmothers, or even our grandmothers were of any value. Designer prescription drugs in some minds are the only cure for all the ills of animal or man. Times are changing and every day it becomes more evident that most drugs only relieve symptoms and often bring terrible side effects. Today I find myself digging through ancient medical books seeking remedies that don't have side effects and looking for answers that were long forgotten. It is amazing what I have continued to find. Some truly long forgotten others even covered up!

About Grape Seed Extract

Posted by J.E. GROGAN, B.Ed., C.N. on 9/10/2012
Grape Seed Extract (GSE) is a rich source of biologically active compounds. Complexes of bioflavinoids including polyphenols, catechins, proanthocyanidins, gallic acid and others occur in large quantities in GSE and exert powerful biological benefits. GSE is water soluble, extremely well absorbed, well tolerated, and is free of toxicity.

Mineral Wise, Salt Poor

Posted by Dr. Dan on 8/14/2012
Short of water and air, there is NOTHING more important than minerals and salt for the health of your horse. Salt is a mineral too, but because it is so important and because most horses are so deficient in it, we will discuss it by itself. Even if your horse gets a "complete" feed and even if you have salt or mineral blocks in the fields - THAT IS NOT ENOUGH! Literally, every function in the body requires minerals. Even the slightest imbalance can cause severe consequences and in my opinion, humble yet outspoken as it is (!), literally every disease is either directly or indirectly caused by an imbalance thereof!

Clay The Miracle Of Life

Posted by Dr. Simon Cohen, N.D. on 5/23/2012
Far removed from prominent view, exists an age old substance in nature, known as "Calcium Montmorillonite Clay." There are only a limited number of "Calcium Montmorillonite Clay" deposits around the world. The first site was discovered in Montmorillon, France in the 1800's, hence the name, Montmorillonite. For centuries Native American healers used it internally and externally in the treatment of a variety of illnesses. In years past sailing vessels departing from France were known to store clay on board for the treatment of dysentery as well as other ailments. Animals, domestic and wild alike, instinctually drawn to clay deposits have been observed licking the clay as part of their everyday diet, and rolling in it to obtain relief from injuries.


Posted by Dr. Dan on 5/13/2012
So, just the other night I released the news of an EHV-1 outbreak. Just as I had so many times before whether it be EHV-1 or one of many other challenges we as horse owners were facing and needed to be concerned with.

Let me say, for horses, pets, and people nutrition and preventative health have never been more important than today. Imagine 100 horses in a herd exposed to NHV-1, some will get sick and some won’t-why? Imagine 100 people exposed to influenza, some will get sick, some won’t-why? I know it is scary to think about either situation, but similar scenarios are actually occurring right now in each of our bodies. The battle is health versus sickness and battle never stops. It is constantly raging and we are the effect of it. Or could we really be the cause of it?

Perfect Pastures

Posted by Dr. Dan on 4/10/2012
Grass Muzzles for pasture horses - that’s crazy!

Or is it? Grass muzzles are a hot item these days. I see them at almost every equine event I attend. Truthfully, I almost laughed the first time I saw one. Then I thought to myself “that is a great idea”, many horse owners today really need them. But why?

Healthy Soil, Healthy Horses

Posted by Dr. Dan on 3/15/2012
"Is soil health important in feed quality and your horses health?

Of course it is. The quality of forage and grains, or any food for that matter is dependent on the soil quality and soil health. Poor soils with fewer nutrients or poor soils with nutrients that out of balance will produce less nutritious food or food with nutrients that is out of balance as well. You may say that this is unimportant; we can just add nutrients and supplements to our diet as human beings. But as the animals that we care for that are herbivores and they get 100 percent of their diet directly from forages and grains that are grown on soils, it is important that we grow these forages and grains on healthy well balanced soil. "

The Health And Harm Of Fats...

Posted by Dr. Dan on 3/14/2012
Truly Your Best Friends AND Worst Enemies!

One of the most misunderstood yet most important aspects of health, is Fat! Quite honestly, many health care practitioners don’t even understand just how important fats are. For instance, would you agree that most people have and ARE being told daily that fats are bad for you? Most doctors, the media, the advertisements and pretty much ALL, suggest a low fat diet. I am here to tell you, in my not so humble opinion, that NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH! Fats are critical to your health and your animal’s health. You need them and you need lots of them, you just need the right kinds!

For The Health Of Horses Feed Oats

Posted by Dr. Dan on 3/14/2012
(But That's Not All!)

Has anyone ever been told to NOT feed oats? And if so, has the same person ever offered any reason other than that oats are carbs and may make your horse “hot”?

Probably not!

So let me preface this article by saying that, personally, I have suggested oats to thousands upon thousands of horse owners (as have many other nutrition minded educators) and not once can I remember those to whom I suggested such not loving the results. Oats work - despite the rumors!

Allergies, Itchy Skin And Other Icky Stuff

Posted by Dr. Dan on 3/14/2012
Spring is in the air and Summer is brewing...
Just around the corner are those wonderful flies, mosquitoes and, for many horse owners, those awful allergy problems. Veterinarians call them dermatitis. Those that have affected horses call it a nightmare. Often hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, have been spent doing blood tests on affected horses. These usually come back telling you nothing can be done. And they frequently say your horses are allergic to items that you couldn’t possibly keep them away from, like flies, certain hays, and dust!

Oh CRAP! Q&A With Equine Wellness Magazine

Posted by Dr. Dan Moore, The Natural Vet on 4/19/2009
"OH CRAP!" is the title an interview that I conducted with Equine Wellness magazine in 2009. In it, we get "up close and personal" with your horse's manure and discuss the importance and role that regular fecal exams play in the implementation of a natural horse care regimen.

Fats and Their Relationship to Cell Membrane Function

Posted by S. Moore on 10/22/2005
Properly functioning cell membranes are vital for the proper functioning of the human, and animal, body. The cell membranes are made up of three factors: these include phospholipids, glycolipids, and cholesterol. Phospholipids are the largest component of the three. Phospholipids are made up of saturated and unsaturated fat, and the balance of these is what is important to the functioning of the body. A large part of the human body is lipids, and many neurodegenerative diseases are lipid, also known as fat, related. Hence, the balance of unsaturated, especially essential fatty acids, and saturated lipids is critical to human and animal health.
Nutrition is the best way to insure that the cell membranes will stay healthy.

To Be Dewormed Or Not Dewormed?

Posted by Dr. Dan Moore, The Natural Vet on 11/3/2000
I’ve been told, you have been told, and we have all been told that “all horses have worms”. Likewise, we have been told that if you don’t deworm your horse(s) EVERY 2-3 months you are a “bad” horse owner, right? Well perhaps no one actually called you bad – but you WERE shown all those horrible pictures of all those horrible worms and informed of all those horrendous consequences.