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Animals Don't Lie

Posted by Dr. Dan on 10/27/2021 to Dr. Dan Moore Audio Files
Animals Don't Lie
What if a very simple addition to your diet could add years to your life?

What if this same addition to your diet could tremendously help, perhaps even eliminate, pain, such as that caused by arthritis or lupus or perhaps even fibromyalgia?

What if your allergies could be helped, perhaps even eliminated? How about possibly prevent or even reverse cancer? And what about diabetes and heart disease? What if you could better oxygenate your cells?

Would you not be healthier?

Heck, if you were a racehorse, you’d probably win that race if you had more oxygen in your cells, wouldn’t you? Are there any athletes out there? How about any performance horse owners?

I think everybody wants to feel better, don’t you?

Blog/Audio: White Line, Thrush, Hoof Care and Nutrition

Posted by Dr. Dan on 7/16/2019 to Feeding Program
NaturalVet · White Line, Thrush, Hoof Care and Nutrition (and other icky stuff!) | Dr. Dan Moore, The Natural Vet

“Uncivilized Health" Audio/Transcript

Posted by Dr. Dan on 5/19/2005 to Dr. Dan Moore Audio Files
“Uncivilized Health
I am excited to share some incredible information with you today about Health Care. 

Normally, since I am a veterinarian, I speak about ANIMAL health but today the animal is two legged – i.e. people. 

I have probably never been more excited lord knows we all need help, health wise today - both animals and man! 

What I am excited about is not new though, BUT IT IS… as OLD as dirt itself! In fact, it is so old that Galen, one the oldest know physicians, and from way back in Greek renaissance even spoke of it and USED IT often in his practice for every imaginable illness.

Native American Indians and ancient cultures from all over the World have used it since antiquity! Gandhi used it for constipation!

Both Russian and French soldiers had it provided in their ration packets during WWI. Wild Animals seek it out and will walk hundreds of miles just to get to certain types of it and then fight over it to keep it! ALL animals eat it - it IS older than dirt!  In fact, it is dirt!

Now before you reach for the BROOM, bare with me a moment, I am not just talking about any type of dirt! I am speaking of a very specific type of CLAY DIRT- Montmorillonite CLAY! 

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