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"RED CAL has been our most-provided product for over 20 years" —Dr. Dan
Contains No Added Iron

No Horse Should Go Without The Natural Salt, Minerals, Electrolytes, And More That RED CAL Provides.

For Horses & Cattle (all classes), Donkeys, Mules, Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Lhamas and other Camilids (all classes)- The RED CAL supplement is a formulation and combination of calcium, micro-nutrients and herbs to help keep your horse healthy. RED CAL is one of the components of Dr. Dan's "Feed For Success" program. Red Cal features the prized ingredient, MONTMORILLONITE CLAY- a rich source of minerals and other trace elements. Often referred to as "living clay" because it consists of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms.

Red Cal is fed FREE CHOICE, so it's easy. Although you let them eat all they want, its economical too!

Typically a 22.5 pound bag will last from 80-180 days for one horse, but will vary depending upon the individual needs. Buying our bulk packages will make your per-day, per-horse investment even less!

Did you know that salt & mineral content and quality varies greatly?

Unlike most, RED-CAL is not bleached, kiln dried, heated, or altered with chemicals or pollutants, its balanced by nature, not by man and its natural source is the desert- an ancient sea bed, not the likely to be contaminated ocean. And since it comes from a desert that millions of years ago used to be the ocean, the micronutrients are "naturally chelated" with organic matter...there's just nothing else like it!

The minerals utilized are the finest available, with detail especially to purity and absorption. You can expect support for stronger bones, muscles, ligaments and better performance regardless of discipline. We believe this is our finest product yet developed and your horse will prove it. It is OK to provide along with any of our other products and provided for any horse, any age. Use year-round, all-they-want, all-the-time and remove all blocks and rocks for best results. As you'll hear me say in the video below, "it's the single-most healthy thing you can do for your horse"...

More information:

Rocks And/Or Blocks Are Useless!

Did you know that most commercial salt and minerals are either "man made" or some other industry's waste product? Unlike these, ours is not bleached, kiln dried, heated, or altered with chemicals or pollutants; it's balanced by nature not by man! Did you know that blocks for horse, and others for that matter, are almost useless and potentially dangerous!

They just can't get what they need, when they need it, fast enough by trying to lick or chew from a block. A horses's tongue isn't created to be the same as that of cattle, for example. 

When the weather changes sudden imbalances in the grass can occur. The chemical composition of grass actually change with the weather. As Dr. Swerczek concluded in his note to me shared at Why Red Cal Works... "After a freeze there is a spike in potassium nitrate in the forages..."

Horses must be able to get what they need when they need it! Period!

RED CAL is fed free-choice and loose, not in a block form. Just hang a bucket on a fence post and pour a little in it. Rain does not even diminish effectiveness.

From Gary Lane...

"Today's horses living in the information age will require better mineral care than ever. Why? Our modern day farming practices along with the age of our pastern fields most certainly have been depleted of natural minerals over the years, mostly because of fertilize abuse.

Now let me add one more comment to the mix...

A horse kept in a stall or pasture field also needs to drink plenty of clean water.

Red Cal is a great free supplement choice I use not only for good mineral quality for horses, but the added insurance of Red Cal natural balance requires the horse to drink plenty of water. Our gaited horses were developed for work, pleasure and transportation.

Let Red Cal work for you to ensure not only fine quality of mineral supplements, but the added bonus that your horse will drink plenty of fresh water."

Below is the personal note sent to me along with a research article from Dr. Swerczek, DVM, PHD after one of many discussions out Red Cal.

Dr. Swerczek is probably the leading Equine Pathologist in the country. Being Located in Kentucky, he has seen it all and has seen how Red Cal works!

T.W. Swerczek DVM

Dan, The attached article is my latest findings on the importance of sodium in the diet of herbivores, including horses. I originally thought that only high potassium was the cause of the mineral imbalances. High potassium is involved, but I have found that the nitrate ion is contributing to the mineral imbalance. I have found that the syndromes in cattle and horses can be eliminated with adequate sodium in the diet. The sodium neutralizes the excessive nitrate by eliminating it from the body in the urine and/or feces. If there is a deficiency in sodium, herbivores utilize magnesium and calcium cations to rid the body of excessive nitrate, and then an acute hypomagnesemia and hypocalcemia (grass tetany syndome) will occur. (This occurs naturally in cattle after frost and freezes to lush pastures in the spring and fall. After a freeze there is a spike in potassium nitrate in the forages...

Click Here To Continue Reading Dr. Swerczek's research article.

Folks, if you don't consider any other portion of our feeding program at this time, at the very least you should provide RED CAL for your horses."


Horses & Cattle (all classes): Feed free-choice continuously in buckets or mineral feeders. Consumption rate will determined by individual needs based on stage of growth, activity and performance. Typical consumption should be approximately 2 to 4 ounces per head per day. Alternatively, top-dress 2–4 oz per head per day per 1000 lbs.

Sheep & Goats (all classes): Feed Free Choice (typical consumption should be approximately 1/2 to 2 ounces per head per day).

Alternatively, top-dress 1/2 to 2 ounces per head per day.

Additional Info: When first introduced, it is not unusual for animals to consume higher amounts. Always provide a good source of water. Rain and weather does not diminish effectiveness. Pour excess water off and continue feeding. For best results remove other forms of salt and salt/mineral blocks. One heaping tablespoon equals approximately 1 ounce.


  • Calcuim, Min. 13.5%
  • Calcium, Max. 15.5%
  • Phosphorus, Min. 0.10%
  • Organic Natural Sea Salt, Min. 38%
  • Organic Natural Sea Salt, Max. 41%
  • Zinc, Min. 25 ppm

INGREDIENTS: Organic Natural Sea Salt, Ground Dried Grape & Seed Pomace*, Calcium Carbonate, Yeast Culture, Diatomaceous Earth, Garlic, Montmorillonite, Thiamine Mononitrate, Selenium Yeast Culture, Distillers Grain, Mineral Oil.
*Grape Pomace not intended for nutritional purposes.


RED CAL Hi-Mag is the same product as our original, but with 6% added magnesium making it a formula more suited for fat, overweight, "cresty-neck" easy keepers while still being wonderful for Horses & Cattle (all classes), Donkeys, Mules, Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Lhamas and other Camilids (all classes)

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