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How To Redeem Rewards Points

Each time you purchase products, we reward you with Natural Vet Rewards Points.

Those Rewards Points can be redeemed at anytime for one of our online Reward/eGift Codes.

We allow you to redeem for a "code" in order to provide maximum benefits to you.

Our program allows you to use points more than to just when you have enough banked to purchase an item.
You are able to use them to save a minimum of $5.00 on your item/order!

Because of this added flexibility, you can give the unique code to a friend or favorite cause!
Thousands have benefited from tens of thousands of reward points in this manner.

Screenshots and other info below will give you examples what you will see through the process of
redeeming the rewards in your account and applying the correct Reward/eGift Card code to your order.
While it may seem overwhelming at a glance, know that the entire process only
takes an extra one to two minutes to complete.

And like many already know... the more you benefit, the easier it gets!

Step One

Sign In To Access Your Personal Account Dashboard

Step Two

Login Using Your Registered Email Address
(If You Forget Password Use The Reset Tool To Have A Instructions Emailed To You)

Step Three
Scroll Down To See "Earned Rewards" View On Your Dashboard

Step Four
If You Have Available Points Click The "Redeem" Button On Right-Hand Side

(Example Above Has 60 Available Points)

The Redeem Button Will Take You To The Page To Select The Amount You Want To Redeem
(For example we will use our 60 available points to redeem for a $60 Reward/eGift Code)

Step Five

After Redeeming You Will Land On The Page Shown Below. Read Carefully. Click The Highlighted Links To Instantly Get Your Code Number

Step Six
The Next Page Will Show The Valid Code Number To Use.

Tip: Highlight The Number and Right-Click To "Copy" This Will Copy To Your Computer's Clipboard And Be Available To "Paste" When Needed...

Step Seven
Now Type or "Paste" The Correct Code Into The Provided Form Box And Apply To Order...

Step Eight
Enter and Submit Payment Information At This Point Or At The End Of Your Shopping
And You Have Successfully Completed An Order With Money-Saving Rewards Points Applied!