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“Uncivilized Health" Audio/Transcript

Posted by Dr. Dan on 5/19/2005 to Dr. Dan Moore Audio Files
“Uncivilized Health
Normally, since I am a veterinarian, I speak about ANIMAL health but today the animal is two legged – i.e. people.  I have probably never been more excited lord knows we all need help, health wise today - both animals and man! 

What I am excited about is not new though, BUT IT IS… as OLD as dirt itself! In fact, it is so old that Galen, one the oldest know physicians, and from way back in Greek renaissance even spoke of it and USED IT often in his practice for every imaginable illness.

Native American Indians and ancient cultures from all over the World have used it since antiquity! Gandhi used it for constipation!

Both Russian and French soldiers had it provided in their ration packets during WWI. Wild Animals seek it out and will walk hundreds of miles just to get to certain types of it and then fight over it to keep it! ALL animals eat it - it IS older than dirt!  In fact, it is dirt!  

Now before you reach for the BROOM, bare with me a moment, I am not just talking about any type of dirt! I am speaking of a very specific type of CLAY DIRT- Montmorillonite CLAY! [Continue Below Plus Audio Option]

[Continued From Above...]
Personally, I have seen more animals benefit form this substance than anything else I have ever seen, and guess what? I am going to suggest you EAT IT!  Doesn’t sound very CIVILIZED does it?  BUT I promise, if you have a health situation or simply want to feel like a kid again, you might want to consider it and consider it seriously!  Sure it’s different eating clay – there is no way! I am civilized …you say! YES but are you healthy?  Most aren’t!

Today’s health care is missing SOMETHING! The side effects mentioned on TV DRUG COMMERCIALS take up half the commercial for goodness sake. Most people are NOT healthy – just mention health care to your neighbor and see what happens. They might talk for 30 minutes on what ails them! 

In essentially ALL species OTHER THAN MAN, at least wild species, animals typically live 6 times longer than the time it takes them to reach maturity (the growth phase). That should put man’s average age up about 120 years.  What is it now? - 70 years or so with the last few years generally SICKLY years! AND with HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS each month being spent on medication coming out of budgets that they can’t live on to begin with! So much for enjoying retirement!!!! 

What is wrong with man? As simple as it sounds, I think he is missing the most elemental of all ingredients – clay dirt! All animals eat dirt!  AND seek out special types of clay dirt if they can find it! Even the wild Mustangs eat dirt. All animals! Have you ever seen the herds of elephants on TV migrating? They do this to get to certain types of clay. Turn a horse out of his stall and what is the first thing he does…. ROLL IN THE DIRT!

Surely, they just don’t like to just get dirty - there has to be a reason! I know it is different. But I think you will agree, that if you want different results, you simply have to do something different! 

In my opinion --- it is time to get UNCIVILIZED! And get wild! 

By the way, I do have a more “civilized” version of clay dirt – I capsulated it for you and that product is REDOXX

And of course, many of you have been offering your horses RED CAL for years and already know a major component of it is Montmorillonite Clay! 

Montmorillonite Clay can be found in many locations around the world. Our source is from out west, in the desert. Fortunately for us, this source was preserved with a volcano, some zillions of years ago. This volcano protected it from all of man’s pollutants. And since it actually used to even be the ocean all the “goody’ or micronutrients from that ocean are even still present. Basically, every mineral known to man is in it and I Imagine micronutrients not yet even discovered by man.  Minerals are sort of like links in a chain. If ONE mineral is missing the chain is no good! 

How can man put EVERYTHING needed in a supplement if he does not even yet know about it? I don’t think he can, and I think many supplements with the massive amounts of minerals often present actually do more unbalancing then balancing!!!

Mother Nature designed this product - man didn’t! Sure, we capsulated it but Mother Nature made it! Until you get the minerals balanced right nothing else matters - not vitamins, not protein, not enzymes, not fat, not anything! 

Minerals are what electrically charge the body and give it its power. The body is like a battery – it must be charged to work! Some minerals are positively charged, some are negatively charged. It is THIS exchange of energy charges that help other nutrients and energy cross into and out of each cell.

Minerals are the spark plugs of life!

Montmorillonite clay has some other unique benefits too. Overall the surface of this special clay is negatively charged. Most toxins, heavy metals and other “junk” that the body picks up are positively charged. Clay attracts the bad stuff and eliminates it from the body. This is called ADSORBTION. Another attribute is ABsorbtion.

Montmorillonite Clay is believed to soak up unwanted material like a sponge. Clay both ABSORBS and Adsorbs! The surface area is extremely large. I once heard its size compared to the size of a football field. That comparison said ONE grain of Montmorillonite Clay has the equivalent surface area of 6 football fields! Incredible!!!!

Man and our companions are so full of junk – getting rid of it would be helpful don’t you think? 

How about providing nutrients not yet even discovered?  

How about providing nutrients we know about but just can’t get otherwise. Surely everyone knows our foods don’t provide what we need today. Farmers essentially only put 10-10-10 fertilizers back on the soil. AND 10-10-10 stands for nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus - hardly adequate nutrition. Certainly not mineral balanced and certainly not ANY trace, micronutrient nutrition! 

How can we be healthy eating dead food… no pun intended. 

Thomas Edison (perhaps the most brilliant man of our time –you know… the light bulb guy) is quoted as saying that “the doctor of the future… will give NO medicine but will interest his patients about diet…in both the CAUSE and PREVENTION of disease. 

I believe that day has come. Some medicines have their place but giving the body what it needs nutritionally to heal and help itself survive is the real answer in my humble opinion.

What we eat is either not providing what we need or providing too much of what we don’t need. Personally, I think supplements as we know them, attempt to provide what we need but in many cases may do more harm than good by NOT providing these missing links – Missing links that I believe are provided in clay! 

I have seen absolute miracles form animals eating clay, as have many of you from feeding your horses RED CAL!  Every imaginable condition has been helped! Based on my observations – and in my humble opinion. I believe that if the truth were known, we would find that the common denominator among even such things as cancers is missing minerals - or at least micronutrients that we have not yet discovered - minerals or the lack thereof, of almost unheard-of minerals, like Ruthenium, or Rubidium, or Cesium or Silicon. 

Already today it has been scientifically documented that selenium is helpful in both PREVENTING and TREATING cancer- especially prostate cancer! It wasn’t long ago that selenium was thought of only as a poison! 

Chromium and Vanadium are other examples of such outdated thinking and today these are known as critical in regulation of insulin and sugar in the body. Nothing is more important than minerals! But not all minerals are equal or good. For instance, the source of selenium in most or at least many supplements is copper mining. In fact, many minerals in today’s supplements come to us as waste products of other industries. 

Finding the source of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium in horses is what actually lead me to discover Montmorillonite Clay. Almost every horse I saw with allergies, joint problems or other debilitating conditions was full of heavy metals! I discovered that many blocks and mineral mixes that especially our horses are given are full of heavy metals - because the source of these minerals was often OTHER INDUSTRIES leftovers!

From what I can tell it seems that Montmorillonite Clay, though it may have heavy metals does not allow their absorption into the body. Sort of like the seeds in apples - these seeds contain enough Cyanide to kill a man - but I don’t know of anyone that has died from juicing apples - seeds and all! It all depends on the source!  

Another problem with man-formulated supplements (for both man and beast actually) is that all we have to go on in the formulation of supplements is the RDA’s - Recommended Daily Allowances.

In horses the last updated version was years ago. And again, if we don’t even know about them yet, how can we recommend them with ANY certainty about their use? How in the world can we put them in a supplement?

Creations Nature KNOWS BEST, I don’t care what anybody says! 

It wasn’t long ago that medical science didn’t even suggest anti-oxidants. We knew a long time ago that the body rusts or oxidizes and needed anti-oxidants but it took the Medical community many years before they began suggesting them.

I recently researched the benefits of Grape Seed (a powerful antioxidant) and found over 60 documented research studies NOW on its benefits to man AND animal. Not long ago using Grape Seed it was not even heard of!  By the way, Grape Seed and Citrus Biofavinoids and organic Selenium and Thiamine and Malic acid, like you get from apples, along with many others of Nature’s Blessings are in this exciting new product!  

If you would be so kind as to bear with me for one more observation on the benefits of the good earth or clay.  

Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 7 and verse 9 say “GOD formed man out of dust from the ground and out of the ground, God made all every trees grow that is pleasant to sight and good for food…. and Verse 19 says “and from the ground GOD formed every beast of the field and bird of the heaven” 

It is obvious to me there is SOMETHING special about dirt clay and personally, I think it is time to get uncivilized and we ALL start eating Montmorillonite Clay.  I hope you agree! 

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