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• Worm Check

Our Worm Check is an all-natural herbal paste formula. Use one 40 Gram Tube per 1200 lb. Horse

This all natural herbal paste formula is tremendous and we will prove it!

Receive a FREE parasite exam with the purchase of each 6 (six) tubes.

Can be used on any horse, any age. If you normally rotate, consider using Worm Check with rotation! Better yet—customize your program using Worm Check along with parasite exams. Consider using our RED CAL to compliment your regimen.

Guaranteed Analysis Per 40 Grams:
Clove 500 MG

Diatomaceous Earth, Garlic, Artemisia, Clove, Psyllium, Glycerin, Apple Flavor.

For any horse of any age. Each paste syringe will treat 1200 lbs.

Be sure to visit companion blog/site at https://askdrdan.com/?s=deworming for conversations about natural deworming.

Also Available: Our Fecal Exam Service (determine the need!). [Click Here]

"Worm Check is not a chemical dewormer.  It actually works by supporting the horse's own immune system.  It is really not parasite specific- We have found it effective on all common species except bots and tapes, which are impossible to truly test for"
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